The Vinculados dance company from Granada approached Réka Szabó to cooperate in an international program. Réka invited Zsófi Szász and Péter Valcz to his creative-production team, with whom they put together a very diverse, young, inclusive team of eight youngsters during a four-day selection process.

Yesterday morning Éva Fahidi left us. It hurts very much.

Of course, we had seen this coming. We knew that the world would have to go to sleep and wake up without her one day, and forever after.

Réka Szabó was awarded this year's Imre Zoltán Prize, which she received on the occasion of the World Dance Day on 29 April at the National Dance Theatre.

This year, Réka Szabó was nominated by an overwhelming majority of past winners, so the Board of Trustees had no difficult task.

The Bird Experience is a Creative Europe project based on NextDoor Projects Sorgfugl from 2020. In 2023-2024 we continue the journey of the giant black bird figure moving its poetic body into everyday life, engaging in local communities and embodying stories of grief. This time five sibling birds are created, taking off to each their destination in Europe with a desire to facilitate and gently fold their giant wings around local citizens and their narratives of grief.


We look forward to welcoming 

The Symptoms: The Invisible Premiere 

for the presentation of the documentary film

on December 5 at 6 p.m.

Attila Szirtes award ceremony


We look forward to welcoming our colleagues and spectators to the second award ceremony based on the honor and memory of Attila Szirtes.

The award ceremony will take place on Attila's birthday on November 24, 2022 at 4 pm in the Jurányi House.

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