Attila Szirtes award ceremony


We look forward to welcoming our colleagues and spectators to the second award ceremony based on the honor and memory of Attila Szirtes.

The award ceremony will take place on Attila's birthday on November 24, 2022 at 4 pm in the Jurányi House.

A total of twenty nominations were received by our eighteen different colleagues, who for a longer or shorter period of time, mostly unnoticed, contribute to the fragile existence of independent performing art and the creation of progressive performances.

We are waiting for everyone who is committed to independent theatrical field, alternative theatrical making, experimentation. Anyone who builds and helps the existence, functioning, and survival of this community as a creator, servant, or recipient.

Attila always talked passionately — with everyone, everywhere. First of all, about profession, good theater, theatrical people or other things in life. We would like the award ceremony to provide an opportunity for us to meet, exchange words, greet together, celebrate the nominees and remember Attila.

On behalf of the founders of the award:

                               György ÁRVAI, László HUDI, Viktória KULCSÁR, Réka SZABÓ


Attila Szirtes is a significant figure of independent dance and theatrical profession, intellectual and hand-held man, light designer, technical head of the Jurányi House, and constant creator of the Moving House Association, the Natural Disasters Collective, the Symptom Ensemble. A week before his fifty-year birthday, he left of his own volition.