The Symptoms_Lab experimental theatrical unit was founded back in 2015 by Máté Czakó, Dániel Szász and Péter Valcz, made up of artists and other members, who tightly collaborate with the Symptoms. Their goal is to bring theatre closer to people using forms and techniques that are based on interaction.

This is how TAG was born.

Theater Adventure Game

TAGs (Theater Adventure Game) are multilocational, interactive theatrical adventures, based on the idea of point and click computer games. The participants unravel the story in small groups while finding the locations, meeting and connecting with the actors, to reach the solution and to become an essential part of the story themselves.

TAG performances use distinct characters and real-life locations to rediscover our everyday surroundings with the instruments of humour and games.

In the past years, The Symptoms_Lab had been invited to many festivals and conferences and continues to produce original performances each year.