The Vinculados dance company from Granada approached Réka Szabó to cooperate in an international program. Réka invited Zsófi Szász and Péter Valcz to join her creative-production team, and together they assembled a diverse, young, inclusive team of eight individuals during a four-day selection process. Following a week of intensive work, Spanish choreographer Carmen Vilches arrived in Budapest, and two days later, an equally diverse, young, inclusive Spanish team of eight people joined them. If you wish to see them live and observe what these two creative groups are working on, there is only one opportunity:



July 9 at 5 p.m. at Jurányi, in room 200 of the Workshop Foundation

Presentation of work in progress and discussion

With Réka Szabó, Carmen Vilches and the participants


Réka Szabó on the process:


"The Symptoms has been dormant for the past year, and this is another 'first in my life' adventure.

We worked intensively for a week with a team from very different worlds, with varied brain structures, spiritual backgrounds, and physical abilities. Who are they? What do they perceive from each other? Through what channels can they connect? Everyone loves to dance, but what kind of instructions can we work with? How can we achieve what seems so simple: equal opportunities and equal access to dance?


We experienced each other through different situations and tried to create a space where we don't have to compromise the complexity of our possibilities to connect. A space where we can authentically be ourselves in a world that we have shaped together, where we dare to be different and dare to be alike. A place where sometimes we simply exist, perceive, and where every state, feeling, and situation can transform into a dance.


The Spaniards will soon arrive, and we will spend another intensive week to bring the two teams and their creative worlds into dialogue.


Come see the young performers! Afterwards, you can ask us about the process, and we are also interested in your experiences as a spectator. The project will continue in the fall!"



Performers: Erica Muñoz Ortega, Duna Malaika González Suazo, Jorge Iza Vílchez, Ana Isabel Romero Moreno, Franscisco Javier Granados Martín, Lucía Moreno Ramón, Alba Ariza Enríquez, Paula Oviedo Torres, Balázs Dudás, Julcsi Farkas, Holly Laura, Anna Horváth, Kovács -Flóra Papp, Gergely Marosi, Milla Noa Moskony, Johanna Szőke


Creative team: Carmen Vilches Sánchez, Lara Balboa Ayala, Anna Kalogeropoulou, Réka Szabó, Zsófia Szász, Péter Valcz