Symptoms Studio

The Symptoms Studio is located on the first floor of Jurányi House.
The size is 88,2 m² (6,3 m x 14 m).

The floor is paved with a professional black dance mat, therefore it can only be used barefoot or in shoes which do not leave a permanent mark. 
Thanks to the big windows and white walls, the studio is bright during the day.
The audio equipment ( amplifier and two speakers) can be used by all of our guests.
There are no built-in mirrors in the studio, and a bathroom and a dressing room are accessible.
The room is suitable for dance lessons, trainings, workshops, therapies, theatrical and dance rehearsals.

It is important that each and every guest and inhabitant of the Jurányi House conforms to the house rules, in order to keep a good relationship with the neighbours:
"In case of loud activity (music rehearsal, shouting, stomping, etc.), the windows should be closed at all times. Rehearsals with music can only be kept until 10 pm, even with closed windows!"

For more information, please contact:

+36 70 321 29 91