Photo: Mészáros Csaba
Premier: 2017. March 03.

LOOP is a spiral dive into the deep through the body and mind of two dancers. Dániel Szász leads us on an expedition into the unfathomable sea of instincts to chart the hidden corners of the human psyche, whether habitable or hostile. Dóra Furulyás offers an off-beat exploration of the innermost fears, expectations, and hangups we are all familiar with. Can we emerge victorious and reborn from the ever deepening circles of introspection as we dive into our selves? Or are we damned to eternal cycles of fruitless self-scrutiny?

Clearing the Attic

You can all stay at home, for all I care. I don't want to be nice. I've got nothing in my hands, not even kind words, to lure you to this place. All I've got is this great yearning in my heart to get rid of all this junk, all the building blocks of my meticulously sheltered existence.

Dóra Furulyás performs a custom-fit retrospective version of the deeply personal, dramatic, and grotesquely funny solo piece choreographed in 2004 by Réka Szabó, the artistic director of The Symptoms. As the female figure on the stage takes inventory of the useless junk of her life, scrapping her petty daily routines and insignificant anxieties, the solitary act of “clearing the attic” of the soul gradually becomes a monumental confession. The intense, strenuous, and physically challenging choreography is accompanied by an interminable flood of words until the heroine runs out of breath.

Director-choreographer: Réka Szabó

Dancer and creative collaborator: Dóra Furulyás

Light and stage: Attila Szirtes

Costume: Edit Szûcs

Music: dj Mangó, Albert Márkos, Márton Németh — Eastend Studio

Text: Ádám Lukács Petri, Réka Szabó

Sponsor: NKA (National Cultural Fund)


No eloquence could have been so withering to one’s belief in mankind as his final burst of sincerity. - Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

In this solo dance piece, Dániel Szász enacts a strange psychoanalytic session without a conductor, in reverse. The ultimate goal is freedom, to get rid of the image others form about us—an image which, ultimately, is something we create ourselves. Seeking the self is rife with unknown perils. The end of the journey may turn out to be the loss of the self. For there is something down there, in the unbridled, barbaric sincerity of instincts, something still holding out the promise of setting us free. But is there a way back to the surface from such depths?

Creator-performer: Dániel Szász

Light and stage: Attila Szirtes

Costume: Edit Szűcs

Music: Balázs Barna

Special thanks: Kata Kántor, Máté Czakó

The performance was created within the framework of Na Cucky Theatre Residency Programme.