Premier: 2014. April 11.

Artist-ghosts arrive to a mourning ceremony, where they say good-bye to the passed away with absurd performances. We slowly realise that they are the ones themselves that don't exist anymore. 

It is with deep sorrow and a sunken heart that we announce that we do not exist anymore. Following a protracted bout with illness, we unexpectedly stretched out in a comic twist. We are grateful for your visiting us in dwindling numbers towards the end. Its hard to piss in ones bed with dignity.

Performers:  Ákos Dózsa, Bea Egyed, Ferenc Elek, Ernõ Fekete, Dóra Furulyás, Rita Góbi, István Gõz, Károly Hajduk, Judit Rezes, Dániel Szász

Director: Réka Szabó

Producer: Gábor Rajna

Producer: Gábor Sipos

Cinematographer: Gergely Pohárnok

Costume designer: Fruzsina Nagy, Luca Szabados

Original music: Albert Márkos

Editor: Péter Politzer

Sound designer: Balázs Barna

Line producer: Krisztina Pintér

Production manager: Tamás Noveczky

Director assistant: Glória Halász

Focus Puller: András Ignácz

HD technician: Tamás Pályi Kiss

Gaffer: Antal Csendes

Sound mixer: László Hollósi

Music recorder: Balázs Pejkó – Studio H

Set decorator: László Tassy

Dresser: Luca Szabados

Makeup artist, hairdresser: Balázs Károlyi

Location manager: András Kopis

Technician: Balázs Szabon

Production driver: András Kassai, Zoltán Paluska

Catering: Katalin Noveczky, Olga Noveczky

Musicians: W.H. Formation: Dagadu Veronika Sena – song, Albert Márkos – violoncello, Samu Gryllus – doublebass, Hunor G. Szabó – guitar, drums

Lyrics by: William Shakespeare: Twelfth Night, or What You Will

Music: Come Away, Come Away, Death – W. H. band / Vivo vita immortal, della mia morte – Márkos Albert (Music was recorded in Studio H.)

Founded by: National Cultural Fund

Special thanks: Katona József Theatre, Local Council of Kõbánya (Labyrinth of Kõbánya), VisionTeam – ARRI Rental Partner, Árpád Szirmai


27th MEDIAWAVE Filmfestival, 2017:

Best Hungarian Dance Film
Best Dance Film
Students Jury: Best Dance Film
Students Jury: Best Hungarian Dance Film

Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, 2017, audience award