Premier: 2010. April 02.

Platan Gallery's new porgram series provides space also for related art forms. Each time they ask one Hungarian artist to "play" with the space.

Zsófia Tamara Vadas has developed her first performance in the Galery in a peep show format as part of the Body Moving Dance Commando in 2009.

This time she brings a summertime crime story into the gallery space.
You can participate! Bring your flip-flops or barefoot!

Performers: Ákos Dózsa, Dóra Furulyás, István Gőz, Zsófia Tamara Vadas
Concept & coreography: Zsófia Tamara Vadas
Music: István Grencsó
Visual design: Dóra Juhász, Simon Kaci, Eszter Kálmán
Supported by: Body Moving, Polish Institute, Új Előadóművészeti Alapítvány
Special thanks: Horda Production