Photo: Mészáros Csaba
Premier: 2017. October 07.

Recycling, are we?
Better love it like it is. 
A fumbling-tumbling dance commando in the belly of the city. 
Who’s that eyesore messing with your trash? 
Must be your uncanny trashman.

You Trash! focuses on the topic of waste, this unwelcome by-product of the consumer society. The show comprises a series of hilarious and outrageous routines performed by members of a “commando” turning up in various corners of a public space, provoking passers-by to react. Filled with humor and melancholy, You Trash! draws attention not only to the unsolved global problem of waste but also to trashed lives of people no longer needed by society. Conceived by the Hungarian designer Krisztina Kecskés, the costumes and installations transform trash into works of art that serve as a powerful indictment of our day. We realize that the best portrait of a given society is painted by the trash it produces. 

Director: Dániel Szász (based on Réka Szabó's 2008 production)
Director's assistant: Máté Czakó
Performers: Anett Békési-Szombati, Gábor Ivanov/Patrik Kelemen/László Takács, Nóra Horváth/Zhang Mary, Dániel Szász, István Gőz
Costume: Krisztina Kecskés
Music: Bartha Márk