Photo: Ligerváry Csenge Luca, Mészáros Csaba
Premier: 2016. September 30.

The best thing a woman can do to arouse a man is to strip half-naked and stand before him in choice lingerie. Given the chance, some men will get turned on by tearing away that sheer fabric… Happy is the woman blessed with  a husband manly and love-smitten enough to destroy the last vestiges of her clothing…

Published in 1957, Dr. Fritz Kahn’s manual entitled The School of Love ushered in a revolutionary spirit which launched many a timid couple on the road toward fulfillment and sensual pleasures in a relationship. In Kahn’s idealized world, fragrant, desirable Women make love to stalwart and potent Men.

But what really transpires behind closed doors? How do we experience sex in this day and age of ours, when the words Man and Woman no longer mean what they used to – if they mean anything at all?

Behind Walls: Doors Locked, Legs Apart,a collaboration between The Symptoms and Tamás Ördög, actor-director of the theater collective dollardaddy’s, presents civilized sex through the lens of an ordinary family.

Sexually dysfunctional viewers qualify for a surprise gift. 

INGRID – Tünde Szalontay 
OTTO, her partner - Dániel Szász 
UWE, her daughter – Rozi Székely 
PETRA, her younger sister – Dóra Furulyás 
JÜRGEN, her brother-in-law – Máté Czakó

Directed by: Tamás Ördög 
Consultant: Réka Szabó 
Visual effects: Balázs Mucsi
Special thanks to: Krisztina Bakonyvári

Screenplay by Tamás Ördög, based on Dr. Fritz Kahn’s School of Love, company improvisations, and interviews. 

Two types of tickets are available:
normal - 2500 HUF
cushion - 2000 HUF

Sponsors: Ministry of Human Resources, National Cultural Fund, Füge Productions