Premier: 2016. April 08.

Presented by Bethlen Téri Színház [Bethlen Theatre], Manna Kulturális Egyesület [Manna Cultural Association] and Tünet Együttes [The Symptoms].

Mary and Max

Inspired by A. Elliot’s dough animation

Dear Audience,

We would like to tell you quite a nice story. It is more or less about how and why it does not matter whether you are young or old, whether you were born to be ugly and wretched, whether you live in a beautiful house and have a lot of money, you still need someone who understands you and who cares for you.

Till then, all the best,

Grisnik Petra (Mary), Gõz István (Max), Zsigó Anna (dramaturg), Horányi Júlia (costume), Rubik Ernõ Zoltán (sound), Valcz Gábor (set), Huszár Sylvia (production manager), Láng Zsuzsa (assistant), Valcz Péter (director)

P.S.: Thanks to our mentor, Tamás Jordán as well as to NKA, MOKA, AOSZ.

P.S.2.: Mary does not have friends but she does have a birthmark – the colour of poo – and a drunkard mother. One day, she just opens a phonebook and sends a letter to America. The letter reaches Max, an unsociable, weird guy living in New York. At first, he panics. Then, he decides to answer...

P.S.3.: Mary is only eight. You’d better be + 12.