Veronika Harcsa is also involved in the fundamental research of The Symptoms

Réka Szabó and her company, The Symptoms began their rehearsal process in a completely new way and with an in-depth experimental approach. Their new artistic programme, developed with the methodology of “fundamental research” taken from the field of science, is led by a four- member “senate” consisting of Réka Szabó, Veronika Szabó, Dániel Szász and Patrik Kelemen. They experiment with the organic collaboration of sound and movement, from which, according to their ideas, a piece can evolve that can be interpreted both as a musical work and a dance theater performance. Four dancers -Viktória Dányi, Balázs Oláh, Réka Oberfrank, Kámea Farkas- and the well-known jazz singer, Veronika Harcsa also collaborate with them in the research that pushes the boundaries of art. The premier is scheduled to take place at the end of January 2021 in Trafó.

Réka Szabó, who became world-famous with the film The Euphoria of Being, which is based on the rehearsal process of her piece Sea Lavender, started the new season in the spirit of experimentation. “During lockdown, forcibly stepping out of the usual everyday life of recent years, from my self-exploitative practice where I squeeze in as much as possible into small units of time, a desire and space was born in me for in-depth experimental work. Lately, I’ve found myself stoned into some kind of a role and I noticed that I’m not looking for the company of young people. That’s why I decided to invite young co-creators to join me, while wanting to offer everything I think about theater up for discussion.” - said Réka Szabó.

Accordingly, the pilot program, which runs throughout the season, is led by a four-member “senate” consisting of Réka Szabó, Veronika Szabó, a freelance performer and director who studied in London, Dániel Szász, a founding member of the The Symptoms and a young dancer, Patrik Kelemen, who studied in Budapest, Salzburg and Brussels as well.

Their new art project will be developed using a methodology of “fundamental research” taken from the field of science, the essence of which is that they won’t set a goal for themselves, but the direction of the creative process will organically evolve from the internal logic of the experimental process. This work will cover the whole season, consisting of sessions and workshops each led by different people and a new performance will also be created along this process. “I wish for a season where we take risks, make mistakes, sometimes fail because we push the boundaries of rehearsing. We should dare to leave the rehearsal room, or we should dare to leave our own usual methods in the rehearsal room.” - says Veronika Szabó.

In the upcoming performance they experiment with the organic cooperation of sound and movement, born at the same time. “Sound can have a dehumanizing, animal or mechanical feel to it, but it can also be humanizing, just think of the genre of the song! We are excited by both directions.” - adds Patrik Kelemen. For Daniel Szász it is important "to play with voice, body, thought, to instill uncertainty in certainty and to rejoice in the incomprehensible." Veronika Harcsa is the musical coach and consultant of The Symptoms in the research that pushes the boundaries of art. “The connection between movement and sound is very natural. It’s wonderful to observe how dancers can turn their creativity into music.”- says the well-known jazz singer.

The premier of the new performance of The Symptoms is planned to take place in Trafó at the end of January 2021.