sziAttila 50

Our friend and colleague, Attila Szirtes, would be 50 years old on November 24th. You will be able to say farewell and summon his figure on this day between 12.00 and 19.00 in the Jurányi House, to which we call you this way.

The memorial place of Attila's painful absence will be created in the Theater Hall with a common installation. If you would like to share your memorabilia about Attila, please bring it with you and place it in the installation space. If you would like to tell others your story about Attila, the installation gives you the opportunity to do the same.

However, it is fine too if you express your condolences only with your presence or a thread of flowers.

We record the creation of the installation, from which a memorial point will be made later.

Arrival is continuous, the room can accommodate up to 5 people at a time. Access is only allowed in a mask.

sziAttila… we miss you, we do not forget.


All the colleagues of The Symptoms, Collective of Natural Disasters, Jurányi House and the former colleagues of Moving House Company

Venue: Jurányi House - 1027 Budapest Jurányi u. 1. - Theater room

Date: November 24, 2020 from 12:00 to 19:00