3-day open workshop

Are you curious about us? We are curious about you. In these 3 days you have the chance to experience how we work and think and we also get a chance to meet you. There will be games, movement, speech, improvisation, creative tasks- just as how we normally rehearse.
We are mostly expecting courageous dancers and actors willing to move, but the workshop is open for all.

2-day audition for dancers

We are renewing our repertoire piece Chance - a game of dance for science, which we would like for a younger generation of performers to overtake it. For this we are seeking 4 female and 2 male or 3 female and 3 male dancers.
For our piece Nothing there we are seeking one female dancer.
For  the pieces The Meaning of Life and From Scratch we are seeking one female dancer.

Further on we are looking for the performer who would win the The Symptoms scholarship for the year 2010/2011. He/she would work with us regularly for one year and hopefully onward.
Expectations: high level of dance technique, strong performing skills, openness and courage, creative personality, interested in experimenting, good in team work.
 It is neccessary take part of the workshop in order to take part of the audition.

Time of open workshop
July 5-6-7 2010, every day  10 am-16 pm
Time of audition
July 7-8 2010, every day 10 am- 15 pm

L1 Dancelab | H-1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 164.
take the bus black 23rd from Boráros tér until Szabadkai út


For the open workshop
Short professional CV (it is enough if you sum it up in a couple of sentences)
For the audition
Professional CV and motivation letter in which you state whether you are interested in gaining the scholarship.

Applications should be sent by 27th June 2010 to Dóra Furulyás:
All applicants will be informed of the decision by 2nd July 2010. The number of participants is limited, the time of application and former professional background is taken of notice.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Dóra Furulyás either per email on the address above or per phone: 0036-302909197.

Looking forward to seeing you!