The director-choreographer duo of the French ensemble Ex Nihilo selected 2x2 young aspiring dancers in an open call, all from different countries. Together they created an outdoor dance performance, entitled Shapers. During the location-specific adaptations in several different countries, they primarily examined the tendencies of the local contemporary dance scene and each nation's "dance dialects".

After the performance, an artists' talk is organised about the possibilities in the genre of outdoor dance. The talk is in English with Hungarian interpretation. Réka Szabó, our artistic director is also participating.

Invited artists: Anne Le Batard (Ex Nihilo, FR), Elvira Balboa, dancer (ES), Ahmed

Shamel, dancer (EG), Szabó Réka, choreographer (The Symptoms, HU), Boross Martin, director (StereoAkt, HU)

When?  3rd of September, 6pm

Where? Rákóczi square

Free event