"Attentive companions in friendly costumes, live instruments, lively musicians, human voices and human scales. The joy of joint activity and togetherness determines the mood of the performance. It would be important to bring the warmth of Nookville into as many families, kindergartens, and even elementary schools as possible."

This is what Zsuzsa Szilágyi wrote about Nookville in Revizor. Our "Every Child Needs a Nook!" program aims to enable those children to experience the warmth of Nookville as well, who otherwise would not be able to.

In MAGNET Bank's Community Donation Program the Symptoms won the opportunity to participate in a voting program from mid-May, in which the bank's clients can vote for our project. We only ask you to follow the voting process and vote for us if you're a client, or share the program with your friends, in case you're not.

We really need your help, even a single share can make a difference, because we will receive donations in proportion to the votes.

In 2014, in Baranya County, we already had the chance to host some disadvantaged children in Nookville. Glória Halász made a documentary about the project, which can be accessed via this link. As a teaser: