Premier: 2009. January 14.

Beckett’s sort-pieces are connecting to each other without any special explanation but with our strong reason and is growing into a single marathon vision.

Beckett doesn’t complain about despondency of existence. Conceiving of helplessness he makes a shot to do something: in a diversity of theatrical forms he manifests the pale hope that gives sense to our life. All the pieces of Catastrophe Marathon are “bracing symbols”, printing their negative into our subconscious and on its contours, as a cryptogram, unspeakable contents will be tangible. These are coded messages for our inner universe.

Directed by: Blázs Simon
Performers: Rita Góbi, István Gőz, Kata Kántor, László Kövesdi, Ágnes Papp, Márta Szabó, Dániel Szász
Composer: Csaba Vedres
Folksongs: Ágnes Papp
Costume: Erika Földy
Light: Attila Szirtes
Assistant: Péter Szántó
Consultant of literature: Gábor Romhányi Török