Youth Division

Drama Pedagogy Workshops

There are times when we simply cannot find the words to what we feel… while watching the performances of The Symptoms, it’s liberating to see how they are able to express those feelings through the language of the body instead of words. In their productions, they address social issues that affect our lives on a daily basis. As the leader of The Symptoms’ Theatre in Education programme, it is an amazing experience for me to give the opportunity to and witness the success of how students explore the potential of movement and can dissolve in the endless possibilities of non-verbality and intuition. My biggest success is when I see them watch and interpret a dance performance, a genre that was alien to them before, with sparks in their eyes.


Our three-step Theatre in Education (TIE) programme offers elementary, high school and college students the opportunity to meet creators. The programme begins with a 90-minute introductory session during school hours, at the school, led by a TIE teacher. This is followed by the joint watching of one of The Symptom’s performances. Finally, the programme is concluded by a 60-minute moderated discussion with the participation of the students and the creators. We offer the introductory session and the discussion free of charge for schools, and group discounts are available for the theatre tickets in cooperation with the theatres. 

See below for more information on the programmes available. Application to the free participation in the programme is possible through an open call during August and September. 

Outside the application period, you can make enquiries and apply to the programme at Krisztina Bakonyvári, leader of the TIE programme via

Current participation opportunities will be posted on our website and on our Facebook page as well.