In September 2013 we visited Baranya County, in December Újcsanálos and Tokaj with Family Nook program. For gallery click on the picture.

Lets dance also in 2014. 
With love, the members of The Symptoms
Everything that is COMMONPLACE...

COMMONPLACE life-disco 
lets dance / common sense / DJ mix 
Premier: 29-30 November 2013 Trafó House of Contemporary Arts 
Nookville in 3K
“Transcending the style and ethos of traditional Hungarian children’s plays, it is a professional performance that never fails to steer clear of the pitfalls of tedium and affectation.” (Judit Kuszkó  – Index – Dívá
4pm, 5pm, 27 October 2013 3K – Kaszásdûlõ Cultural Centre
Meet the cast of Nookville within Pozsonyi Picnic in our playhouse on 31 August (Saturday) 5pm Where: 1136 Budapest, Gergely Gyõzõ Street