We have visited with Family Nook program Ózd 14-15 May. For the gallery click on the picture. 
I will be all of these things one day – solo of Réka Szabó
I don’t remember being raised like this – human statistics

8pm, 27-28 January (Monday-Tuesday) 2014, MU Theatre

“It feels good to see and hear The Symptoms dare to be — and know how to be — themselves.” (Csaba Králl, Life and Literature)
“(...) one of the most loveable dance companies in Hungary today (...)” (Krisztina Horeczky, Népszabadság)

In September 2013 we visited Baranya County, in December Újcsanálos and Tokaj with Family Nook program. For gallery click on the picture.

Lets dance also in 2014. 
With love, the members of The Symptoms