Premiering October 13-14, 2015 at 19:30 o’clock // Vígszínház Home Stage

Sea Lavender — or the Euphoria of Being

In this duet of two women, a 90-year-old Auschwitz-Birkenau survivor teams up with a young dancer.

Éva is a passionate pleasure-seeker, while Emese is bent of saving the world. Éva never says good-bye, while Emese enjoys coming home. What connects them is the common language of dance. One of the last witnesses of the Holocaust, Éva has kept her clothes she wore as a young woman, and they fit Emese to a tee. Emese is tall; Éva likes to believe she has remained so. They look alike...

The Symptoms will perform The Miracles of the Night - a visual, surreal performance - at O.Z.O.R.A. Festival on August 9. The production debuted this April and was inspired by the title poem of Sándor Weöres. The performance will be held at Chambok House from 7 PM.


The Miracles of the Night to be performed again at Trafó from this fall

The Miracles of the Night to be performed again at Trafó from this fall

„Playfulness – probably it is the best word to briefly describe the multi-arts performance of The Symptoms, in which the lighting, the music, the visual arts and dance truly complement and complete each other” Klaudia Antal



The Miracles of the Night which debuted in April will be performed again at Trafó in September, October and November. You can buy tickets for the performances here.

Apropos 2.0 performed in English

With the merge of dunaPart platform and the Hungarian Showcase, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, The Association of Independent Peforming Artists (AIPA) and The Hungarian Theatre Critics’ Association jointly organize the Hungarian independent contemporary performing arts platform between March 2-8, 2015. The program series is called dunaPart3 and it is hosted by numerous theaters in Budapest. On this occasion, Apropos 2.0 will be performed in English by The Symptoms at MU Theatre at 16:00 pm, on March 4, 2015.


We wish you a happy new year!

We wish you a happy new year,

lets meet in 2015.

The Apropos 2.0 success in New Jersey

The Symptoms spent one week at the Alexander Kasser Theater at Montclair State University in New Jersey invited by Peak Performances. The company gave four performances of the piece Apropos 2.0, and Réka Szabó participated in a discussion with the audience. She also lead some classes for university students, including the Creative Thinking course; a class for PhD matematics students and a movement class for the students of the theater faculty.

Peak Performances at the Kasser Theater has presented renowned artists in the US such as Jan Fabre, Wayne McGregor, Romeo Castelucci and Richard Alston Dance Company.

Apropos 2.0 is presented for the next time at 8pm 23 January 2015 at the MU Theatre in Budapest.