Mourning will be present on  Primanima 2017 Animation Movie Festival, in the segment of "Best films of Mediawave 2017", on 21st October in Jókai Mór Cultural Center, Budaörs.

You trash! Big cleaning in the big outdoors, with a  big scum band in the programme of CAFe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival.

The Symptoms present the Miracles of the Night on the occasion, merging high-tech and contemporary dance on stage. After the performance, artistic director Réka Szabó invites Judit Berg, author of Rumini children's books for a discussion about youthful creativity and the ways to discover it in ourselves.

Mourning won 500 EUR audience award of Bucharest International Dance Film Festival

New play of The Symptoms in English

"Nothing I have ever seen in dance comes close to the feats of endurance, skill, beauty, bestiality, self-knowledge that this guy Dani, was willing to put himself through. A sacrifice to be sure, but not a meaningless absurdity. As if all of evolution was compressed, not in a straight line towards glorious progress at the end, but in a back and forth between the divine and the reptilian, both in us, one not higher than the other, but fused together. "

(Danny S. Fruchter, director of the International Institue For Theatre Research)

New play of The Symptoms Loop in English, 27th April at MU Színház.

Sea Lavender on the Contemporary Drama Festival

We play Sea Lavender with English subtitle and translation in the Contemporary Drama Festival on 2nd December. Tickets are available on the website of Vígszínház.