Audience is easy to find: bored drivers and pedestrians waiting for the lights to turn green. The Budapest Autumn Festival and the AKKU Zebra Crossin Theatre appears on the cultural avenue of Budapest starring zebra crossings. If you walk, drive or skateboard on this part of the city on the 9 or 10 of october, just come across The Symptoms!

Zebra Theatre | 4 pm 9-10 october | Andrássy – zebra crossings

Moonride Festival – Kosice | 23th September

On 23th September Tabaèka Kultur Fabrikhosts the multumedia piece You are being so strange and the solo of Reka Szabo Clearing the Attic.

The new venue – a former tobacco factory – opens its gates with the Moon Ride Festival dealing with young progressive art from the countries of the Visegrad region. Ckeck the page here

It’s worth a moonride!

On 7th August The Symptoms are performing Nylon revue & its trash performance (You Trash) at Bánkitó Festival . We go trashing also on 22th August at the Hanna Hanna Art Gathering in the picturesque area of the Little Danube/Slovakia. Come to the green with us!


The Symptoms featuring the Hungarian band Little Cow Melancholics in their new video clip.

On June 2 and 3 The Symptoms performed Nothing there at The Place, one of the most important contemporary dance centres in England.