We're proud to announce that our dance movie, Mourning was screened on Off Europa Film Festival this May.

We have a plan: to take our complex pedagogical program based on an interactive storytelling performance, Nookville to villages where no theater went before and where life is much harder for children. And now you can also help us achieve this!

Cuda Noci - Miracles of the Night in Zagreb

Miracles of the Night was played in Zagreb for full house audience, owing to the invitation of Zagreb Dance Center. The performances was held in the "local Trafó House", a former cinema building. The show was a great success. 

Dániel Szász and performance Loop is among the nominates of Lábán Rudolf contemporary dance prize of the year.

Mourning on Europe tour

Paralell Art Foundation presents several Hungarian dance films - included Mourning from The Symptoms - in Paris, Amsterdam and German cities.

Four dancers search for ways to recreate their experiences of childbirth through body language, dance, words, and lights in a new show staged by The Symptoms. Head First — The Contractions of Expanding Time is an attempt to take a more sincere, more intimate look on the subject, breaking with the habitual discourse of idyllic or reductive depictions. Premiering February 2 and 3 at the Trafo.