Réka Szabó graduated in Mathematics and Computer Science. For a long time, dance was just a serious hobby for her. The turning point came in 1994 when Rui Horta, a then-world-renowned Portuguese choreographer, selected her into his production. In 1995 she began create performances. “The Purple Anteater” was invited to Aerowaves and toured all over Europe.

Szabó has been building her company, The Symptoms, with dancers and actors since 2002.

The members of The Symptoms are not simply performing artists but fully involved contributors, whose personalities, creativity, and team spirit fundamentally define every work of the company.

They are constantly looking for new ways of expression, of making an impact and making people think, feel and connect. They move freely across genres, believe in the infinity of expression, the healing power of humour and personality. They believe if they dig deep enough, they will get to the common human experience. 

Each of their productions is a different world and has a new language. Their creations are thought-provoking, dramatic, unfeigned and liberating. They are in dialogue with today – they have created shows for the big and the small stage, documentaries, video blogs, theatrical adventure games, dance theatre in education works for high school students, and they offer morning gymnastics classes and workshops as well.

They have toured all over Europe and also in the USA with their performances. In Hungary, they have a wide audience base, their regular co-producing partner being Trafó House of Contemporary Arts. Réka Szabó’s first full-length documentary has won the Critics Week’s Grand Prix for best documentary at the Locarno Film Festival and the Human Rights Award of Sarajevo Film Festival. The movie follows through the rehearsals of the show „Sea Lavender”.