Another award for 'Euphoria of Being'

Réka Szabó's documentary film 'The Euphoria of Being', received the audience award at the DOK.fest in Munich - which has been held since 1985. The online event, which exceeds all expectations, with more than 75,000 viewers is a new record - perhaps in the history of all festivals. A total of 13,721 votes were received, and Réka's film was the first with an average of 4.82.

From now on, Réka Szabó's award-winning documentary, 'The Euphoria of Being', will be available to anyone. The decision - made jointly with Campfilm - is that anyone who visits the VoD-based site within the boundary of the country (for now) can rent the film online for a symbolic amount and watch it in excellent quality - at home. English and German subtitles can also be chosen for the film, so the work can also be viewed by foreigners living in Hungary.

After making it available for viewing collaborating with, six years after the premiere, we made 'Mourning' available here, on our website as well. |||, or directly here.

The brevity of the film and the premiere of the past should not deceive anyone: it was very rare to see, and the artwork put together with extreme care. From now it really becomes available to everyone.


Dear Audience and Friends!

Cause of the current situation (epidemic COVID-19), we will have to postpone our theatre plays indefinitely. We wish everyone patience, perseverance, and kindness during this hard period; we hope we can be together again soon!

L’euforia dell’esistenza

This is the wonderfully melodic title of 'euphoria of existence' in Italian. This time, Réka Szabó's documentary has been invited to Trieste and will be featured in the competition section. The screening will take place on January 18 - in the presence of the director. Fingers crossed!

This time, Réka Szabó's multi-award winning documentary, will be screened - courtesy of the Dutch Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the city of Sarajevo. A special screening of the World Human Rights Day (10th of December) will be held at Kino Meeting Point on Sunday, 8 December at half past seven.

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