The Symtoms is giving a presentation about its artistic activity and its role in social change on the upcoming Ziggurat Project event. 

The Symptoms kicked the season off with the performance Head First at Trafo House of Contemporary Arts which was followed by a discussion between Reka Szabo és Livia Fuchs. 

Applications are open for our secondary school drama pedagogy workshops until the 17th of September.

After the Ex Nihilo performance, we'll talk about the possibilities in the genre of outdoor dance. Réka Szabó, our artistic director is also participating.

The Symptoms at Festivals: If you would be missing us this summer, do not worry.

A SymptomsLab created a brand new theater adventure game and we await each and every festival goer and futurist.
We'd thank you, if you would support us with the 1% of your tax.
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