Premier: 2019. January 27.
RaM Colosseum

Holocaust survivor Eva Fahidi's journey to the stage to dance for the first time in her life.

After 59 years of silence, returning to Auschwitz impelled her to start talking about all she had gone through. Since then, it has become her mission to keep the memory of the holocaust alive. At the age of 90, she gets invited to participate in a contemporary dance theatre production by the 47 years old choreographer and theatre director Réka Szabó, who wants to express her exceptional personality, life, traumas, and her relation to her body, to dancing and to growing old, in correspondence and in dialogue with the almost 60 years younger exceptional dancer, Emese Cuhorka. Éva says yes without a second thought.

How does Éva hurdle the obstacles of her age? How does she struggle through the difficulties of the creative process with incredible resolve? How do her desire to put herself on display and her vanity which is incapable of accepting growing old clash? How does the relationship of three women of three different generations evolve and how does their symbiotic relationship become vital to all three of them?

The skeleton of the film is the rehearsal process. Éva’s personality and the story of her life gradually unfold throughout the rehearsals, her traumas are distilled into theatre scenes and images, all this transfused into a series of continuous trainings, choreography and gymnastic exercises. Emese Cuhorka, the ever-experimenting, sensitive dancer accompanies Éva on her way to the stage with the naivety of a typical contemporary youth, at once playing Éva’s young self, her little sister who perished in Auschwitz, and her never born child.

The film is infused with Éva’s joyous humor, her exhibitionism in the good sense, and her preserved femininity. The Euphoria of Being is a story in present tense, allowing us to delve deep into Éva”s motivations and understand her life, the roots of her incredible vitality, her story enclosed in her body, which is at once our story, the history of the 20th century.