Premier: 2011. June 03.

The Symptoms is looking for professional dancers and actors with good ability for motion for a new piece and for plans of Summer/Autumn action-theatre plans.

The premiere of the new piece will be in the beginning of February 2012 in Trafo House. The rehearsal period starts on 1st of November. Everyone is welcome to take part in the workshop who either wants to work with us, or just wants to get an idea of the working methods of The Symptoms.

Its important that the applicants have an open minded attitude, are persistent, creative, playful and open for experimentation.

3 June 4pm-9pm
4 June 11am-4pm
5 June 11am-4pm

Tünet Studio (ex L1 DanceLab)
H-1095 Budapest Soroksári út 164. XVIII. building

How to apply: Please send a short vocational CV and motivation letter till 30th of May to Dora Furulyas: e-mail If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact with Dora Furulyas via e-mail or phone +36 30 290 91 97