Photo: Mészáros Csaba
Premier: 2018. February 02.


2018. August 05. 18:00
Szeged, Thealter Festival : Szeged
Price: festival pass
2018. September 25. 20:00
Trafó House of Contemporary Arts : 1094 Budapest, Budapest, Liliom street 41.
Price: 2400 HUF
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2018. December 10. 20:00
Trafó House of Contemporary Arts : 1094 Budapest, Budapest, Liliom street 41.
Price: 2400 HUF

We don’t remember how we were born, and we won’t be able to tell the story of our dying. Giving birth is an equally elemental, borderline event, outside real space and time — an extraordinary experience.

In their brand new production, The Symptoms attempt to recall, unravel and articulate the experience of childbirth, using body parts, words, and images.

The four dancers rely on their own personal memories of giving birth, including body functions, traumatic and euphoric events at the same time. They try to turn everything  that happened to them in the unconscious realm inside out, beyond the closed eyes and beneath the skin.

Consciousness flees through the door of the maternity ward. Eyes shut tight. It’s the baby who calls the shots now. Mother crawls, stands up, climbs a few stairs, falls asleep, sideways or on her back, kneels down, finds something to grab. She expands and contracts back again. She pulses. She sweats. A new rubber material has been invented that can stretch to infinity and beyond, to the point closest to death. She turns back before the gates of the unknown. The sphynx are waving. Only the hair so far. Something ripping. Head first. Pause. Pauses and pushes: measures of evaporated time. Now a ninety-degree turn. A shoulder squeezes through. And then the rest slips out.

Nota bene: One of the dancers got pregnant again during the rehearsal period.

Director-choreographer: Réka Szabó

Choreographer’s assistant: Viktória Dányi

Dancers: Dóra Furulyás, Csilla Nagy, Melinda Virág, Viktória Dányi / Juli Huzella
Music: Zsolt Hammer, Ádám Jávorka

Dramaturgy: Sára Gábor

Visual design, creative technology: Glowing Bulbs, Bence Samu, Tóbiás Terebessy
Consultant: György Árvai

Light: Attila Szirtes

Costume: Edit Szűcs

Photo: Csaba Mészáros